Woman claims we’ve been eating chips and ketchup sachets wrong all this time

Some people prefer ketchup, others are more partial to mayonnaise, but we can all agree that condiments are pretty important when it comes to enjoying a steaming hot bowl of salty chips.

When dining out, it’s fairly common practice to receive our favourite sauces in the form of sachets, so we can have our very own portion of ketchup or mayo, much to the discontent of the environment.

But, while most of us would agree that the ordinary thing to do would be to empty the contents of the sachet out onto the plate, cardboard container, or directly onto the chips themselves, one woman reckons we’re doing it wrong.

TikToker Amelia Holdsworth reckons we’ve been doing it wrong this entire time, and has shared her slightly unorthodox method of getting an even coverage of sauce to chip.

Yep, instead of pouring the sauce out of the sachet and getting it all over your fingers, according to Amelia, we should actually be taking the chip and dipping it into the sachet. It’s a tad unusual, but we’re certainly not against it.

In fact, if you think about all those cheeky takeaways in the car or at the beach, or wherever you are basically, Amelia’s sauce method could save a lot of hassle and mess in the future – but not everyone agrees.

“I love ketchup but HATE sachets, they should be banned,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “That’s too much ketchup.”

However, others were totally onboard with the chip dipping method, with one user commenting: “Finally a life hack I can actually use!”

“Oh my god, why did I never think of this before?!” another TikTok user questioned.

Amelia, it looks like you’re onto something special.