Man feels ‘violated’ after finding out nephew has been stealing his dirty laundry

An anonymous man has claimed his wife’s family are unhappy with him after he kicked their nephew out of his home.

The husband took to the internet for some advice after finding himself in the awkward situation.

In a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the man explained that his nephew, 18, had been having problems with his mum, so had come to stay with them as the rest of their relatives lived too far away from his school and place of work.

The couple, thought to be from the US, were more than happy to help the young man out – until one day the uncle realised he’d been stealing from him.

However, what he was stealing was rather surprising.

In his Reddit post, the man wrote: “Don’t know when exactly the situation started only that I began noticing over the last couple of months that my boxer briefs were going missing whenever it was time for me to do laundry.

“I thought it was weird but didn’t think anything of it. I keep it in the closet so figured maybe they fell out when I toss all my dirty clothes in there. But it started to get even more noticeable when I actually had to buy more because I had no idea why they were disappearing.

“My wife just thought I was losing them by not paying attention.

“Then I went into the storage room/guest room where her nephew is staying. I was looking for some supplies we keep there in the closet and then I found a laundry bag in one of the drawers. All of my underwear was in there.

“I couldn’t believe it.”

He continues to say he told his wife about what he’d found and she was just as confused as he was.

So the pair sat down with their nephew and confronted him about it. At first they say he tried to “play dumb” but he’s a “horrible liar” so they told him they’d found the dirty laundry in his room.

“It was an awkward conversation,” the uncle admits. “He kept refusing it was him who took them then when he did confess he didn’t wanna say why.

“Honestly, I just felt grossly violated. He was looking through my hamper and taking out my underwear for god knows how long, keeping them hidden in his room for I don’t know what reasons and it was an uncomfortable thought.

“My wife fully supported when I told her I’m not comfortable with him staying with us anymore and we sent him back to his mom’s.”

Now the wife’s family is upset about the situation after confided in her sister the truth about what happened and the other woman went back and told everyone.

“They admit that’s kind of gross but it’s not like he was stealing money and we shouldn’t have thrown him out for only that reason,” the man adds.

“My wife is getting it the hardest because they’re her family and I feel bad for her being caught in this. However, I’m just no longer comfortable having him here knowing what he was doing. AITA?”

Hundreds of people responded to the post, with many taking the man’s side in the argument.

One said: “You’re totally validated by feeling uncomfortable with him around now, and your reaction is completely understandable.”

Another pointed out: “Okay, besides the fact he stored your dirty briefs in a bag, highly unsanitary…he was stealing underwear. If it was your wife’s underwear id imagine the whole family would be up in arms and yelling at him, possibly calling him a creep amongst other things. But because it was your underwear you’re just magically supposed to be okay with that? It’s a whole other issue he wasn’t taking it to wash and wear… just storing it. Straight up… EWW.”

A third added: “Your wife’s nephew needs help and your feelings of discomfort are valid. At 18 he should know better than to do that kind of thing.”