Man says ‘gold digger’ in-laws locked him in a room demanding to know how much he earns

If you get on well with your in-laws, then it sounds like you’re incredibly lucky – as that’s certainly not the case for everyone.

We recently heard of how one man had banned his in-laws from babysitting his daughter after they binned her food and caused a big falling out, while a mother shared how she’d been having issues with her daughter-in-law over what the future grandchildren would call her.

Now another has shared their struggles with their in-laws and it’s gotten so out of hand that it could put his relationship with his partner at risk.

In an anonymous post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, a man has claimed he found himself in a stressful situation with his fiancée’s parents, as they locked him in a room and he called them ‘gold diggers’.

The man explains that he recently started a new job and his in-laws wanted to have a “private” conversation about it with him.

He says they invited him over, but when he arrived, things got a little weird…

“They invited me into their guest room. My father-in-law asked me to leave my phone and keys at the dining table. They started talking about my new job,” he wrote.

“They had no idea how much I get paid and asked me to tell them about my salary but I politely declined to tell them. They asked why, I just bluntly told them it was none of their business.

“Father-in-law chimed in saying ‘you’re marrying my daughter, damn right it’s my business’ and kept on about making his daughter’s future’s secured. I assured him that his daughter is in good hands and besides money isn’t everything and love and respect are what’s important.

“Mother-in-law disagreed and said that money is an important factor, then gave examples of issues I’ll have in my marriage if I’m not capable of providing for my family.”

The man refused to tell them about his salary but assured them he was financially secure.

But he claims they refused to drop it and when he tried to leave the room, they locked him inside.

“I got so annoyed and wanted to excuse myself to the bathroom but father-in-law got up and locked the door. I asked what the hell he was doing. He told me to calm down and that he’ll unlock the door when this conversation is over.

“I blew up and told him that their behaviour is unacceptable and what I earn is none of their goddamn business, then told them that only gold diggers behave like this and right then, they were giving me huge red flags.

“Mother-in-law gasped loudly and father-in-law immediately unlocked the door and asked me to leave his house.”

He later found out his mother-in-law had called his partner crying saying he had “disrespected” them in their own home.

His fiancée was upset and urged him to apologise to her parents for hurting them.

However, he’s refusing to say sorry to them after the whole ordeal and knows his relationship with the in-laws and potentially his fiancee might suffer as a result.

More than 1,300 people have responded to the Reddit post sharing their thoughts, with many concerned about the behaviour of his in-laws.

One said: “NTA but deeply consider getting a prenup and re-evaluating your relationship. Your in-laws are gold diggers, and your fiancée’s reaction to it is deeply disturbing. She has her parents back before yours. Just because your fiancée may not be exhibiting materialistic behaviours now, doesn’t mean she won’t ever, given what you just witnessed with her parents. The Apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Another replied: “My in-laws don’t need to know how much I make, and it’s none of their business. If someone LOCKED ME IN A ROOM I’d blow the hell up also. Be wary.”

A third added: “The fiancée’s reaction should make him re-evaluate the whole relationship. When you marry someone your first priority should be the new family you will be making together. Unless your spouse is in the wrong, you should be defending them always or at least have their back. Her taking her parents side saying that they were worried about the couple is either a betrayal or a testament to low intelligence.”